We have adapted our IR technology for zone heating – the latest technique for keeping people safely warm without waste or side effects. Zone heating is perfect for keeping people warm in factories, workshops, sheds, halls, churches, and other difficult to heat areas.

Working effectively in exposed and open areas, as well as un-insulated industrial environments and insulated buildings. Zone heaters are easily installed and allow you to heat only those areas in buildings that are populated, thereby reducing your overall energy bill. Units are mounted on either the wall or the roof and do not take up any floor space. The robust construction of our units ensures longevity and low operating costs. No ‘warm up’ period is required.

Heat is instantaneous, so heaters need only be switched on when people are actually present. IR heat is also unaffected by draughts or air movement. In addition, it does not burn oxygen and so does not lead to drowsiness, lost productivity, and accidents.

Single lamp zone heaters – 1 kW or 1.5kW

Single lamp zone heater used to heat people and equipment.

Double lamp zone heaters – 2 kW or 3kW

Double lamp zone heater suitable to heat people or equipment.

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