• uvir-opto-electronics


The opto-electronics division at Heraeus Noblelight develops and manufactures UV LED modules which are precisely adjusted to the requirements of customers and the relevant industrial application.


UV curing applications in the near UV range (> 365 nm):

  • Printing: Digital, flexo, offset, screen printing
  • Surface coating
  • Curing of adhesives
  • Special applications such as contact lens production and sewer rehabilitation
  • Exposure applications

Other UV LED applications in the deep UV range (< 365 nm)

  • Sterilisation of water and air
  • Photochemistry
  • Phototherapy
  • Document verification
  • Lithography
  • Analytical applications
  • Curing of adhesives

NobleCure® UV LED Modules

  • Small shaped and flexible UV unit can be matched to the machine environment.
  • Modular construction platform
  • Customer specific system solutions can be assembled with all associated peripheral components such as cooling, control and power supply
  • Wavelenghs can be adjusted to the application
  • Chip on board“ technology offers high power density
  • Instantly switch on and off without impairment of the
  • UV performance resulting a higher energy efficiency

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