• uvir-lamps-intensity


UV LAMPS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Have you lost production due to old or faulty UV lamps not curing as required? Install a UV Lamp intensity sensor for peace of mind and to eliminate any future UV Curing rejects



  • Alarm 1 - UV Lamp intensity low
  • Alarm 2 - Lamp Failure
  • Alarm 3 - Excessive cooling on lamp
  • Alarm 4 - Lamp not ignited within set time (Faulty lamp , Controls , etc.)
  • Alarm 5 - System not calibrated after installation of new lamp
  • Alarm 6 - Replaced used lamp with faulty (old) lamp
  • Alarm output connected to - PLC , Siren , Flashing Light or Production manager’s office.
  • Micro Processor Intelligence . Programmed to ignore:
    • Power selections other than full power.
    • Proportional power control systems.
    • Shutters closed positions.
    • Start-up / warm-up time.
  • Constant measurement and display of lamp status (%)
  • Real time Lamp life indication (Hours run)
  • RS 232 plug to download history back to previous calibration. (Windows driven e.g. Excel)
  • Power supply - 230V , 50 Hz)
  • Memory back-up during power failure
  • Easy to install and calibration done by unqualified personnel
  • Comprehensive Installation / Calibration procedures supplied with sensor
  • Measures 200nm - 380nm Radiation (Complete spectrum of UV Curing Lamps ;see Graphs)
  • Panel cut-out industry standard 96mm x 48mm (optional bracket mount)