• uvir-nano-reflector


In contrast to conventional reflectors, the new nano-reflector is not made of gold or metal oxides but of opaque quartz glass. Quartz glass is extremely resistant to heat, acid, alkaline solutions and other corroding substances. A gold coating on infrared lamps reflects the radiation very well - effective radiation onto the product is almost doubled.


Measurements show that the reflectivity of opaque quartz material is about 60% to 70%. This is less than that of gold but comparable to a high-gloss polished aluminium reflector. However, an aluminium reflector will lose its reflectivity gradually as aluminium oxide forms on its surface, while no oxides are created on quartz glass.

The new reflector is located directly on the lamp and therefore does not need to be brought into the correct position first as is the case with external reflectors.

The QRC infrared emitter is continuously being developed further. A new development involves QRC emitters that can be precisely shaped to the contours of a product. In this way, the heat is guided directly to edges, burrs or corners - ideal for deburring or welding of three-dimensional plastic products.

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