UV+IR Engineering is the leading supplier of Ultraviolet (UV) curing systems to South Africa's printing and packaging industries. The company has a 30-year track record of technical and service excellence based on our ability to supply special features such as automatic belt tracking and UV lamp intensity sensors as part of our standard package. Our conveyors can be adapted for litho or screen printed curing applications. The equipment is mounted on castors for easy mobility and consists of a vacuum belt conveyor,UV lamp head, electrical control gear and Infrared heater for varnish flow out. The system can be designed to meet the individual requirements of each client. We can adjust the system to meet variable speed, stacking requirements and spot printing/spot curing needs. Our technology covers not only litho and screen printed products but also curing of inks on containers and curing on continuous printing applications.


Automatic belt tracking system:

This proven technology increases the belt life by 300% and eliminates production down time due to faulty belt tracking. Contact-less sensors activate pneumatic cylinders on both sides of the belt to keep the belt centrally aligned whilst a floating tension and tracking roller compensates for the adjustments made by the cylinders.

UV lamp Intensity sensors:

Photo-current sensors constantly measures the UV radiation output to eliminate the risk of under or over curing as well as premature lamp changes.

All equipment is designed to operate at the highest level of radiation safety requirements: A UV safety certificate is issued with all equipment to ensure that the quantity of Radiation escaping from the system is below acceptable standards. We can also retrofit our technology onto existing conveyors and machines to improve quality and output. UV+IR Engineering also offer a range of IR drying applications.