UV+IR Engineering's curing units will cure as fast as your equipment can print.  UV curing adds value to the printed products by providing better protection and chemical resistance, thus improving the quality and durability of the end product. The first to last label is identical with superior quality of print.  In addition, UV Inks don't dry on the plate, screen or in ink ducts, improving the longevity of your equipment.  Tailor made Air Cooled equipment is designed to suit the client's web width, line speed and space available.

Optional items on the UV Curing units

Open / closed control on linear shutters
Microprocessor control to position a rotary shutter proportional to line speed
Automatic lamp control for efficiency and longevity (lamps dim or lamp power halves when the shutter is in the closed position)
All equipment is designed to operate at the highest level of radiation safety requirements.
A UV safety certificate is issued with all equipment to ensure that the quantity of radiation escaping from the system is below acceptable standards.